29 January 2009


Having visited London and some of the museums to see the armour used by knights when they fought, it's amazing to imagine anyone moving well with so much weight upon them. Especially because the men (and women) in those days were generally much shorter and smaller people than men are today.

25 January 2009



Bridey Murphy is the name of a Irish woman who was reincarnated into Virginia Tighe, who was the subject of a hypnotic regression in 1952 by Morey Bernstein, who also recorded the sessions. In 1956 a book of this name was published and Virginia was called "Ruth Simmons" in the book. Because reincarnation was considered so controversial in her place and time and Virgina wanted her privacy, she was not be named openly, but the book became a best seller and interest in her and the subject of past lives meant that she could never hide from the speculations about her honesty, motivations, or psychology. Virginia passed out of this life into the afterlife in 1995.

She was one of the first, if not the first Westerners to report knowledge of a life lived before this one, as verified by the new science of hypnosis (presently often referred to as hypnotherapy).

These days it is more common for people in the United States - The West- to believe in the idea that we are souls that reincarnate in various human bodies, in different historical times and places, in order to learn from a variety of experiences.

Today one of the uses of genealogical research is to not only locate ancesters and verify a family tree, but to "find" persons one believes he or she lived as in a past life. Depending on the details this is more or less possible...much depends on the time and place where the past life occured and the records which are available.

Would you like to verify a past life with genealogical research?

22 January 2009


Travel over the seas moved so many of our ancestors around the globe. Often the journey was dangerous...for some sea travel was a job. They were sailors or pirates or merchants accompanying their wares. For others it was a risk they felt they had to take.

20 January 2009


President Barack Obama is now President of the United States. I watched the signing in this morning, with a group of people, some also of African American heritage. So many of them told me they never thought they would see the day, meaning that in their lifetime they did not believe until it happened that the citizens of the United States would be willing to vote a Black man into the highest office.

There was a difference though. Obama's African heritage is recent. His father was from an African village in Kenya. His mother is an American of European heritage "White" and from Kansas originally. They must be so proud of their son. ( I say this aware they have both gone into the After-Life)

He does not have a genealogy of African slave ancestors brought to the United States (at the time a very different map than today's) against their will.

According to a New England Historical Genealogical Society article I read, there is a link between Obama and six U.S. Presidents - including George W. Bush! Obama is "cousins" with them! It really makes me wonder.

We are fascinated with the international favor that has been shed upon the United States due to this election. We have seen the news featuring people from nations around the world who share the notion that Americans have gone against prejudice with this election. At the same time it is our hope that race will not be an issue when it comes to making International policy.

Best Wishes to our new President! We wait and hope that wonderful changes are ahead.

17 January 2009

15 January 2009


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