31 October 2009

RAYMOND MOODY and REUNIONS Visionary Encounters With Departed Loved Ones

Raymond Moody, whose book LIFE AFTER LIFE came out about 1973, was a ground breaker in the field of past life recall. In 1993 he followed that book with REUNIONS, written with Paul Perry.

REUNIONS is a good book about an ancient art updated; MIRROR GAZING. This is a means to revisit with passed on loved ones, through visions. It's something the Greeks once did, maybe the Egyptians too, and there's a way to build a little room with a mirror in it to get the same effect.

On page 100 they write: "Like the ancient Greeks, I had designed a psychomanteum, to which people would come to consult with the spirits of the deceased. It was clear that given the proper preparation, people could see apparitions of departed loved ones using these techniques.

I found this to be an exciting and useful notion. People who are saddened by the loss of a loved one could handle their grief in a more direct way. Instead of telling a therapist how they feel about losing a spouse or child, they could talk to the loved one directly.

Through my work in near-death studies I know that seeing departed loved ones is tremendously therapeutic. Encountering dead relatives is one element of the near-death experience that keeps it from being a frightening or traumatic event. Research has shown that near death experiences transform people's lives by making them less fearful of death. One reason they become less fearful is that they see that dead relatives are happy in the afterlife.


A 57 minute Google Video is linked to the right!

30 October 2009


This blog is called ANCESTRY WORSHIP GENEALOGY because I think that genealogy IS a form of ancestor worship... And Halloween is the time when they say that the "veil between the worlds" is the thinnest. Be it the Catholic celebration of All Souls in early November, or the Mexican tradition of THE DAY OF THE DEAD, remembering those who have passed on is tradition in many cultures...

27 October 2009


page 257 by Carol Bowman

Some Children have NIGHT TERRORS... a series of sleep disturbance that is not in the same category as regular nightmares. "In a typical night terror episode, the child screams, thrashes about, and may even walk or run around and get violent, all while appearing to be awake. But afterwards, unlike a nightmare, the child has absolutely no memory of the incident and no dream story that might explain the bizarre behavior. This alone makes night terrors extremely difficult to treat. Scientists have no satisfactory explanation for what causes night terrors and no reliable remedy. But they do know that they occur during the deepest sleep cycle, and that they commonly begin between the ages of three and four, and fade by thee ages of five or six.

Since we know know that some nightmares have a past life cause, it makes sense that some night terrors would too. Perhaps during deepest sleep,k a state furthest from waking consciousness, these children are being terrorized by vivid memories of a past life trauma. I think it's significant that night terrors occur at the same ages when children are most likely to have spontaneous past life memories......

23 October 2009


America's Overseas Military Cemeteries
Robert Urth Director
Glenn Marcus and Robert Urth Writers

You may have seen the genealogy databases, microfilms, or books, titled something like "Veterans Interred Overseas."

This is the video to watch if you want to know more about how 125,000 American military men and women - including the famous General George Patton, band leaders, and nurses, ended up in cemeteries in Europe and the Philippines. Now the cemeteries are beautiful, and places where the living can show their respects. And indeed many Americans are still making a stop at an American cemetery in France, for instance, part of their vacation.

This video will bring a few tears to your eyes if you have an ounce of Patriotism. It will remind you, sadly, that wars have been fought in the past by Americans who were barely here; immigrants new to the country who had not yet their citizenship -and Japanese-Americans whose families were in concentration camps in California.

But like all good cemeteries, these are for the living to make peace.

12 October 2009


"Looking For Carroll Beckwith: by Captain Robert L. Snow, Commander, Homicide Branch, of the Indianap0lis Police Department is a short but highly interesting account of a man with dogged determination and research skills on a quest; to prove if the visions he had under hypnosis are accurate. Carroll Beckwith proves to be the artist he believes he has either genetic memory of or who he's the reincarnation of. In the end Snow is able to verify a number of facts that would indicate that his vision was accurate.

Like many research quests that seem at first fruitless, after hundreds of hours of research, Carroll saw the painting he remembered in a gallery when he wasn't looking for it, after he has pretty much given up. His research lead him to the artist's diary and unpublished biography.

On page 79 we read, "At the end of the wall, an easel stood in the corner holding a portrait. I gave it a glance and started on past,. but then stopped abruptly, as if running into a glass wall. Whirling around, I started open mouthed at the portrait, reliving an experience I'd had once when I grabbed onto a live wire without knowing it, the current freezing me in my tracks as huge voltage surged up and down my arms and legs."

On page 89 we read, "My whole belief system was no longer just teetering. it was falling. Everything around me suddenly had such a surrealistic feeling to it that I could have been in a Kafka novel...."

The artist lived from 1852-1917. He was a contemporary of John Singer Sargent. The book contains images of the artist as well as examples of his art.

The True Story of a Detective's Search for His Past Life
C 1999 by the author
Daybreak Books

09 October 2009

From JOHN LENNON by PHILIP NORMAN - John a Reincarnation of Yoko's Great Grandfather?

The Life
By Philip Norman C 2008
Ecco an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers

A couple years before John Lennon was shot and killed he went to Japan with his wife Yoko Ono Lennon and their son Sean.

page 762 of the hardback...

"A particular memory of the Japanese trip was to haunt Yoko in years to come. One day, leafing through a magazine, John happened on an old photograph of her maternal great-grandfather, Zenjiro Yasuda. Since the deal had always been that they talked only about his family, he knew nothing of the great Zenjiro, the Emperor's de facto banker, who enjoyed national fame at a pop-star level half a century before such things were dreamed of. Nor had Yoko herself ever put together the several ways in which Zenjiro's life paralleled John's - coming from the north of the country, being a musician and poet as well as a moneymaking phenomenon, having his portrait hung in homes and workplaces as an inspiration to others, always insisting on full partnership with his tiny but dynamic wife. Though Yoko did not learn this until much later, Zenjiro even had the same birthday as John. The only thing while, seemingly, marked him as from a different culture and more dangerous times was his fate at the hands of a young man professing to be his admirer.

"John was fascinated by Zenjiro's photograph, which - especially since his conversion to Japanese clothes and manners - seemed to bear a more than passing likeness to himself. "That's me in a former life," he told Yoko.

"Don't say that," she replied. "He was assassinated."

02 October 2009


The Queen Mary is in Long Beach California and it is said that it is haunted. I recall the scene in the 1956 book Marjorie Morningstar that took place in the swimming pool... You would have thought it was a mile long beach but the pool is so very basic there is hardly any room to really recline in one's bathing attire! The pride of the Cunard Line, which also brought thousands of immigrants to the United States of America!