21 July 2015


Access Newspaper Database and Newspaper Archive Academic , which are related, have me quite frustrated.  A researcher at a distance provided me some notes via text of two death/funeral/burial/obituary announcements and since I've used this database in the past to locate copies of originals, I thought I would try.

Since my experience has been that in many small town newspapers that were typeset there re a lot of misspellings of proper names, as if they had run out of one vowel and used another, I decided that the best tactic would be to go the exact newspaper and date and page that the other researcher had provided me.

I would have preferred to have rolled microfilm and read page by page.

I wasted over an hour trying to make the database simply get me to the paper on the date specified, if not the exact page, WITHOUT ALSO PUTTING IN THE NAME, first and last.

Finding the WRONG date, I read the language the paper used.  Maybe it was my terminology?

I tried obituary. I tried funeral.  I tried died.   Certainly something should come up!

Once again I returned the search choices, this time with a librarian at my side to double check my moves.

I think Access should make it easy to get to the newspaper, by date, for those of us who would prefer to read it page for page, rather than only focusing on what comes up in a search.

15 July 2015


I got to talking to a sweet lady the other day, while I was out walking my dog, who looks a lot like her dog.  The conversation went from dogs and fleas and itchy dog skin, to dog breeds, dog hair and dog shampoos, to human DNA, Blood Types, and genealogy. 

It turns out that this sweet lady has spend the last 6 months doing research on the Internet, kind of like a lot of people do when they first find the subject fascinating and want to know more about their families.  She has been looking at postings in genealogy groups, hoping to link up with relatives who know more than she does, who have maybe done years of research and are giving it away for free. 

With experience,  I feel I can say that this research is of the type that I find is usually a lot of time wasting speculations, and usually includes posts that possibly endanger the privacy of others in their attempt to be "helpful" because some people thoughtlessly post about people who, if asked, would say no to the post and even be infuriated that they or their family is being discussed or entered into databases without their knowledge and permission. 

It's not that I've never been there or not wasted time.

So after she gave me some free shampoo to try on my itchy dog, I gave her some strong advice on genealogical research.  I told her to start her own research, to document everything, to not take leaps without documentation because, one does not know that the information they find in groups is even correct;  I even met someone who did that and ended up spending TEN YEARS researching the wrong family.  Rarely are you going to find the actual documents posted to support the gossip. 

I told her about some records she can get for FREE without having to have a subscription to a genealogy database and where the local genealogical society has a club house.  I told her that if she ever intended to submit her research for inclusion in certain societies, someone else would be going over it looking for each item to be proofed so she may as well try for those professional standards even if she was just starting out.  And she listened.

But when she told me that she has B- (B Negative Blood) and had been reading on the net about how this blood type came from a breeding program begun by alien visitors to our planet, I knew this sweet lady had encountered some of the same groups and posts that anyone who begins reading around DNA and Blood Type does.

There is just a lot of hooey attached to B- negative blood on the Internet and other media.
Some of these include :

The "fact" that because human fetus have "tails" that proves we humans are "reptilian" and that the B- blood people have extra vertebrae and small tails on them.  (The truth is that many animal species that never develop tails look to have tails when they are only fetus and that this is simply a stage of development of the spine.  A tiny percentage of humans do have a more prominent tail bone or an extra vertebrae.)

The "fact" that people with B- blood are more often abducted by aliens, that aliens prefer them.  (Yummy!  Though I'm open to the idea that there is life on other planets that we would consider to be alien, and am even open to the idea that some people have had close encounters of the 3rd kind with alien beings,  I would love to know who took the abductee poll and how and when!)

The "fact" that people with B- blood are more psychic than other people with other blood types.  (I think all people have some capacity for having the 6th sense and that it might be innate like a talent or developed as a skill but there is simply no proof that type B- people, due to their blood type, are more psychic.)

"The "fact" that people with B- blood are EVIL and that the origins of this blood type come out of a place called the "Draconian" Caves.  (...as in Dracula - who by the way WAS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER...)

There are plenty of maps and charts showing the distribution of type B+ and B- blood all over the world which do, with changes in population, vary from year to year.  Granted some places such as Northern India - have higher rates, but overall B blood is rare and AB blood is even rarer.

The "fact" that people with B- blood also have higher IQ's that everyone else.  (Again, who, when, where, and how did someone take that poll? I know some people who would like to boast about it!)

The "fact" that humans in general were bred by aliens who ruled the earth, gods, or God, to be slave labor, in particular to mine gold, or that the female primates who were on earth at the time were inseminated for this purpose or the purpose of making man in the image and likeness of God...

(And if that is the case, so what?)

HERE ARE SOME FACTS CIRCA 2015 about B- blood that you can count on:

B blood is RARE blood.  B- blood is RARER than B+ blood.  In the United States, depending on which chart or map you look at, and because of who has and is immigrating here, the rate for B- is about 2-3% of the population but it might be higher or lower in your particular city or state.  Therefore most Blood Banks are always looking for B blood/plasma donors.

Scientists do not yet know how it is that blood types developed or mutated but they feel that a variation in blood types probably happened due to mutations and they sure do want to know so they are working on it.  The most prevalent blood type on earth is O as in Original Blood type and it is extremely prevalent.  DNA studies of migration may prove useful to figuring it all out.

It is possible that at one time the B blood type was far more prevalent but due to some disease that effects B blood type people more than other blood types more of those people could have died off.   It's true that some diseases seem to be more prevalent in certain blood types.

Type AB blood is even rarer and seems to have developed or mutated only a few thousand years ago. 

Science is clear that DNA mutates and that blood type is in our DNA.

B blood is sometimes called "The Asian blood type" but B- blood seems also be a Middle Eastern or Central Europe blood type.  B- blood is prevalent in Northern India while B+ blood is associated with some of China.

If you are looking to prove paternity in court, DNA tests today are far more accurate than previous Blood Type proof.

So to all you evil, psychic, genius UFO abductees with tails out there... sorry!

Negative blood is associated with "the Rhesus factor" as in the Rhesus monkey, another primate, but that doesn't mean that people with negative blood come from a long lineage of monkeys (and certainly not reptiles). 

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08 July 2015



Klansville USA is a documentary from PBS- American Experience series that is the history of the KKK.  It proposes that the KKK "tapped into the fears of low income Whites" and that it all took place in North Carolina in the 1960's.  Eventually there were over 10,000 known members in the southern states of the USA.
I found this documentary interesting, but frankly, I'm not so sure the KKK was about Whites of Low Income in the South so I'm challenging the premis.  To say this, I spent a couple hours reading articles on web sites affiliated with Neo-Nazism and White Pride and so on from the last few years.
I certainly do not support terrorist tactics such as burning crosses on people's lawns or discriminating on the basis of skin color or anything else when it comes to a person's value as a human being, place in society, and so on.  But the KKK was not just opposed to Black people (then called Negroes) but also Catholics, Jews, anyone not White Angle Saxon Protestant, and WASPS, as just about everyone knows, were the elite in the United States even before it was the United States.  I do not associate the KKK with just low income whites in the south, but I must say that there has been plenty of opposition to women having equal rights including education and work on the basis that this means that men will be displaced in the workplace.  The era of feminism I refer to began in the 1970's. And I truly wish sexism were as huge an issue as racism, especially when I meet sexist men "of color."
This video showed films that included female participation but didn't edge into the role of women in the KKK or their stand on feminist issues. 
In reading so very many DNA oriented sites, I think we are reaching a knowledge that it's difficult to find anyone who isn't "mixed" in some way, even if that means going back to the 12th century.
Instead of skin color, I think people are looking at the VALUES OF A PARTICULAR RACE or ETHNIC or RELIGIOUS group in which a person is self identified.  Is it wrong for a person to realize that their values are not those of another race, ethnic, or religious group and admit it?  I don't think so.
Additionally, I got to know a lot about the State of North Carolina through genealogy research for a particular family with deep roots in that state, including pre American Revolutionary members.  I had been told verbally that the family may have had Jewish roots in the old world.  There was no genealogical evidence of this in the states that I could find, yet the children in the family had been razzed by their neighbors who called them out as "Jews."  Interestingly,  I traced several branches of this family and found only one who owned a single slave.  I was told verbally that the family had been opposed to slavery way back. 

So the genealogy lesson here is, we cannot make assumptions about any particular family from North Carolina, even if the state was full of people who hated Blacks, Catholics, and Jews in the 1960's.