28 March 2013


For more than 1000 years the Byzantine Empire was the greatest place on earth, a place that spread from Constantinople into German territories and into Syria. 

This is a two disk set and I watched it twice because it was so interesting, and while I watched it I thought of all the violence going on in the Middle East today. 

Greeks and Romans lived together in this empire, and in this empire great achievements were made in architecture and the arts. The finest of what was looted is still at St. Marks in Venice, Italy!

Over the last couple week's we have witnessed via the media the resignation of one Pope and the election of another, Pope Francis, who makes history as the first Jesuit and the first Pope who comes from the Americas.  I've read so very many articles around the resignation and election, from the journalistic to the speculative, from historical fact to strange prophecies which (I checked) the Catholic Church itself is not concerned with.

So I take a pause as the Easter and Passover Season is upon us, to reflect about how much life on earth has changed in the last 2000 years, and wonder if there will ever be both billions of people and peace on earth!

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