09 March 2013


DAR OFFICIAL WEBSITE  You can subscribe to the magazine on this link.

I've met people who researched for years hoping to prove that they belong in DAR (daughters) or SAR (sons) and one of the families I researched for just missed because their ancestor stayed on a boat to pay off the voyage for the rest of the family, who became Patriots, and whose lineages are in DAR and SAR.  That ancestor also missed out on applying for free land and so it went.

At worst, some feel DAR and SAR are really snobby groups.  At best you become a member of a group that is very patriotic and that truly loves this United States of America.

I personally cannot become a member simply because my ancestors came to the United States after the American Revolution as did millions of others.  That doesn't bother me at all.  I still consider myself a patriot.  (There are an increasing number of African Americans applying for DAR and SAR by the way!)

Anyway, my library has become a subscriber to their WONDERFUL AMERICAN SPIRIT Magazine, and I do mean WONDERFUL!

In the January - February 2013 issue is an article I especially loved called RESURRECTING HISTORIC CEMETERIES by Courtney Peter.   It begins; "Filled with blocks of stone attesting to lives once lived, historic cemeteries are like outdoor history museums that hold not only some of our countries earliest stone carvings and written history, but also clues about familial relationships, settlement patterns, and attitudes toward women."

If you love Colonial History this is a great magazine which may inform your research!

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